Make the Time for Marketing & PR

As a business owner or an executive director of a non-profit organization, I know that you wear many hats. From fundraiser to accountant to special event planner to chief operating officer, you do it all. These responsibilities take a lot of time and leave little or no time to plan and execute marketing and public relations activities.

A marketing and public relations consultant can serve as an additional and valuable member of your team. The consultant not only provides an outside perspective, but saves both time and money while improving your publicity efforts.

At McCarthy Public Relations, Inc., I initially meet with the potential client, discuss their past marketing efforts and talk to them about their future goals. This information is used to create a marketing and public relations plan. After the plan has been approved by the client, a monthly action plan is developed to keep efforts on track and accomplished on a timely basis.

Would you like to learn more? To celebrate the 14th anniversary of McCarthy Public Relations, Inc., I am offering a FREE one-hour consultation. To schedule an appointment, please call 724.628.6956.

I look forward to learning more about your business or organization.